7 Day – Health and Fitness Challenge
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7 Day – Health and Fitness Challenge

September 30th – Mark Your Calendars!

7-day Shakeology Challenge

I am planning on starting a new Challenge Group…with a bit of a twist.  It is essentially a 7-day Health and Fitness Challenge.

  • It will incorporates a short 10-15 minute workout.
  • A serving of Shakeology each day along with accompanying recipe(s) to try.
  • I will also offer some recipe ideas for lunch, dinner and snacks that you can try to incorporate during the week.

Here’s the deal though, since there are only 2 weeks to pull everything together, I’ll need you to take action NOW so that I can get your 7-Day Shakeology Trial Pack to you, if needed.

Step 1

If you aren’t already a member of our team, go ahead and create your FREE Team Beachbody account here:
Join the Team!

Step 2

Order yourself a 7-day Trial Pack of Shakeology here ->


The cost is only $35 (plus $5 shipping for except to Canada – $19.95).  I don’t get these sample packs for free, so I am basically shifting the cost to you ($129.95 is the retail cost for a box of 24 sample packs).  If you are willing to invest in yourself, I will invest my time and energy into making sure you get the most out of this 7 days!

If you already have Shakeology (enough for 7 days) – then you should be all set!

Tony Horton, creator of P90X and P90X2 is featured and does an amazing job detailing just a few of the incredible ingredients that are found in Shakeology.  What is in Shakeology anyway?

If you are a fan of Mr. Horton, check out this video, it’s just awesome!

Step 3

Commit to tracking your nutrition with MyFitnessPal for the entire week!

Step 4

Choose a fitness program that you will start on Monday, September 30th.  If you don’t have one, I will provide a short workout (10-15 minutes) for each day that you can perform via your PC or smartphone.

Step 5

Bring along a friend!  While it is only 7 days long, going through this with a friend is always a lot more fun!

Step 6

Send me an email (coachchris@yourfitnesspath.com) to confirm that you would like to be included in the 7-day Challenge.  Include your MyFitnessPal username so that I can offer feedback on your nutrition.

At the end of the week you might just find that:

  • Your cravings for junk food have been curbed
  • You have increased energy throughout the day
  • Your digestion and regularity has improved
  • You are promoting healthy weight loss
  • A daily dose of dense nutrition for 1 week might be just what your body needs!



How Shakeology Can Work For You!