Stop Using BMI as a Good Measure of Health!

If you have ever been on a regular Dr. visit or participated in a wellness program through your employer, there is a pretty good chance that you have been exposed to the concept of BMI. Surprisingly, this is still a widely used guideline for measuring your health despite the fact that the inputs for determining your BMI […]


Success Factor #3 – Why Power

The third and final factor to reaching your health and fitness goals is Why Power!  You might be saying, doesn’t he mean “Will Power”?  Nope, I mean Why Power.   To review, here are all 3 success factors that I feel are the most important to ensure success and achieve the goals in your health and […]

Consistency Is Key

Success Factor #2 – Consistency

With success factor #1, I discussed tracking and how important it can be in reaching your health and fitness goals, today we will focus on factor #2; Consistency To review, here are the 3 success factors that I feel are the most important to ensure success and get those eye popping results you are after! Tracking […]


Success Factor #1 – Tracking

There are 3 Success Factors that are critical for reaching your own health and fitness goals.  These are the 3 most important factors, in my opinion, to ensure success and achieve the results you are after.  It doesn’t matter if your goals are to lose 100 lb. or to add 20 lb. of lean muscle, these […]

How Often Should I Weight Myself

How Often Should I Weigh Myself?

If you recently got started on your health and fitness journey; congrats! You’ve taken the initial and often times the most important step in the process; you’ve actually started! Most people who start a new fitness program have a goal in mind and typically that goal includes weight loss. Measuring progress towards a goal is a […]


BOD Annual All Access

Earlier this week, something pretty cool happened. You can now have access to literally EVERY fitness program in the Beachbody On Demand library through the new Annual All-Access promotion. And it’s not just the programs you’ve purchased, as was the case with a normal On Demand subscription, nope – you get access to ALL fitness programs! […]

Beachbody Winter Health Bet

Join the Winter Health Bet Challenge!

Would you be interested in an opportunity to win some cash…just for working out? Starting on January 9th 2016, you can participate in a Health Bet Challenge that Beachbody is hosting. Typically a health bet would require that you and some friends pay an entry fee of some amount and over the course of a pre-determined amount […]


5 Fitness Myths Exposed!

The internet is full of mis-information or information that is delivered with good intention, but is simply wrong. Here are a few of the most common fitness myths that I get questions from team members.  Hopefully these will help you in reaching your health and fitness goals in the most effective manner possible. 1. I’m Working Out […]


At Home Workout Gift Guide for 2016

The frenzied holiday shopping season may have already begun in your household. It seems to come earlier and earlier every year! So…what to get that fitness junkie on your list? Or maybe you know someone that simply wants to get started, but hasn’t yet taken the leap? Perhaps, it is you who want to add […]


Core de Force Workout Calendar

Core de Force Workout Schedules Now Available! Core de Force officially launched this week and that means a new workout calendar is available! The Core de Force workout calendar is pretty straight-forward; 8 MMA style workouts on 3 DVDs. The Deluxe kit will add an additional 3 workouts to the mix. There are 3 schedules that are provided, however, you’ll […]


How to Create Quick & Healthy Meals

Quick AND healthy? Yes—eating healthfully doesn’t have to mean hours in the kitchen. Let me show you how! Keep It Balanced When preparing quick and healthy meals, start by thinking about balance. A balanced meal is made up of a variety of nutrient-dense foods, which is important because these foods provide you with the most nutrients […]