Can You Buy Motivation?

Struggling to Find the Desire to Workout? Let’s face it, every now and then even the most consistent and committed individuals can wake up and find themselves with little or no desire to workout that day.  I am certainly no exception to that.  There have been days that after my alarm goes off and I […]

Portions Matter

Portions Matter

As many people struggle with managing their weight, it is no coincidence that portion sizes have increased steadily over the past 30 years. Most portions served in restaurants, fast food establishments and at home are two to five times larger than they were in the past. And, it’s easy to just “clean your plate” without […]

How to Cook the Perfect Steak

How to Cook the Perfect Steak

Unless you are vegetarian, just about everyone I know enjoys a great tasting steak! However, it can take some practice to deliver that same amazing steakhouse taste when you are cooking it yourself. In this post, you’ll find all of the resources you need to cook the perfect steak! Before we dive into the details […]

small victory

Celebrate the Minor Victories

Often times, as human beings, we don’t take a step back and appreciate our own accomplishments. This is especially true when those accomplishments aren’t all that glamorous or “sexy”. But, if you are just getting started on your fitness path or have struggled with consistency and you are looking for ways to get yourself back […]

How to Make More Time for You!

How to Make More Time for You

The world we live in is full of hustle and bustle. We’re always buzzing from jobs to other responsibilities, and because of that, it can seem nearly impossible to make time for you. But it can be done. Here are our tips to increase the amount of self-care time you have during the day. Use […]