Body Beast Final Results and Review
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Body Beast Final Results and Review

Body Beast

My Body Beast Final Results – Day 90 

I’m officially a BEAST!  Body Beast was a great program and lots of fun!  I got the results I was looking for and I kept myself excited about working out everyday.  That’s an important point.  I can recall several times in the past that when rolling out of bed for a particular routine, I just didn’t have that “let’s get after it” feeling like I had each and every day with Body Beast.  I am sure vanity and the post-workout rush and pump offered by this program had a little something to do with it.

Despite the lack of variety that may be found in P90X or P90X2, this program has specific goals in mind; gaining mass and getting huge.  If you go into it with that mind-set, I think that you will really enjoy the program and Sagi as a trainer.  Several of my good workout friends became bored with the program only after 5-6 weeks.  I can’t speak on their behalf, but I suspect it was due to the somewhat repetitive nature of the routines and schedule.  I never found myself with this feeling throughout.  I feel this is primarily due to my desire and willingness to accept the program and the process that it laid out and I was seeing results.  Another important point.  Results keep you motivated and keep you coming back.  I was seeing the changes each week, I was getting stronger.

As I have previously indicated, I was using the HUGE Schedule, but I did end up cutting the BULK phase of this schedule short about 10 days.  This was primarily due to my desire to start cutting earlier than suggested.  I didn’t change the routines, but I did change my calorie in take.


This was, as always, a big factor in this program, but for a different reason than normal.  Typically I would be anywhere between 2300 and 2500 calories at a 40c/35p/25f breakdown on the macro-nutrient ratios.  With Body Beast, this gets a little crazy, for me anyway.  In Phase 1 (BUILD), I started with 3000 cals/day at 30c/40p/30f macros, not a big difference on the macro side, but a pretty big jump in cals.  This was especially difficult coming of of the Ultimate Reset, where I was somewhere around 2100 cals/day finishing up.

In Phase 2, I went up to 3400 cals/day at a 50c/25p/25f macro!  Nearly all of my meals and snacks were over 500 calories.  Now, it’s easy to consume over 500 calories in any given meal, but good, clean calories…that is where planning ahead and documenting your progress is key. is a great resource for this, and best of all it’s FREE!  I started planning my meals the night before and then it was just a simple matter of pulling out what I had already detailed and eating.  I didn’t have to constantly worry about any of the macro or calorie numbers, I had already done all of the leg work.

I will say that I never felt like I was forcing myself to eat, with Body Beast, you are going to be HUNGRY!  I have heard and read some other stories about basically force feeding yourself at 2.5 hour intervals for some of the other know body building regimens, that simply wasn’t the case with Body Beast.  I wanted and felt like I needed to eat every 2.5-3 hours.  That is another point of consideration, if you have a work schedule that this may not be permit-table or possible, you will need to plan ahead accordingly.

Final Body Beast #s

Here are the raw numbers…

Day 1 – 156 lbs, 5.69% Body Fat – 3000 cals/day  – 147 lbs lean mass

Day 30 – 167 lbs, 6.81% Body Fat – 3200 cals/day

Day 60 – 170 lbs, 7.17% Body Fat – 2500 cals/day

Day 90 – 168 lbs, 6.35% Body Fat – 2000 cals/day  – 157 lbs lean mass

So basically I hit the originally marketed/advertised 10 lbs gained with only a marginal increase in BF. I am pretty sure the last two weeks I dropped at least 5 lbs, could have been mostly water though… I’ll let you guys judge if the gains are noticeable. I feel they are, probably more so on the lower half, though not pictured here… Definitely had increased strength throughout, which was another goal.

Photo Of Body Beast Final Results

Body Beast Final Results

Ready to start Body Beast?

While I love the Body Beast program and would highly recommend it for anyone that wants to add 10 lbs of lean muscle in a relatively short period of time, I have a couple of other articles you should check out before getting started.

Buy Body Beast Now

Program – Of course you will need to purchase the program itself to get started, so if you don’t already have it, you can learn more about it here -> Body Beast

Supplements – This could to be a big change for some, other maybe not as much.  I have detailed all of the supplements that I used for the entire 90 day program.  Check out this article for descriptions of all of these supplements as well as links to where you can purchase.  Body Beast Supplement Stack

Challenge Pack – The program and the supplements all in one package, a no brainer if you don’t have either. Body Beast Challenge Pack

Equipment – This is another variable that could sway your decision on getting started with Body Beast.  While there aren’t any new gadgets that are only available through Beachbody, there are some equipment needs for this program.  Again, I have detailed the exact equipment that I used and helped me get the results I obtained.  I provided links to online resources for these items as well.

Body Beast Equipment – What You Need


I’ve done numerous other Beachbody programs over the past 4 years and I can honestly say that Body Beast is #2 on my list, just slightly behind P90X2.  Why behind P90X2?  I think that the P90X2 program is definitely more sustainable in the long term and probably provides more “functional fitness” than the Body Beast program could.  But Body Beast, as I mentioned before, isn’t supposed to be like P90X2…AT ALL!  It is designed and marketed as a mass gaining, bodybuilding style of program and it does just that.  I was able to add 10 solid pounds of muscle with this program in just 90 days.   I plan to hit it again Jan 2013 and if I gain another 10lbs, I think I will be right about where I would like to be in terms of size.  Does that mean I won’t ever return to the program?  No Sir!  I like many of the routines and the exercises that are found within Body Beast and will continue to use them, I just may not do an entire 90 days of the program back-to-back, like one might with P90X or P90X2.

For the hard-gainers out there, you should seriously consider giving this program a try!  Body Beast will introduce you to a new way of thinking about fitness with one thing in mind gaining size!  If you follow the program and EAT, you will get bigger and stronger along the way.  Depending on your end goals, you may even consider hitting this program a couple of times to achieve the results you desire.  There is no doubt that it can be done with this program, you just gotta be willing to put in the work.


Rob G
Rob G

I've followed your progress and have been impressed. I am a hard gainer and used the program for about 9 weeks until an unrelated injury occurred. I struggle with the diet piece and getting the correct macro splits. I'm going to take the Christmas break to develop an eating plan. I use MFP too & will look at your diary for help. Are you going to have a challenge group in January?

Tony Lucent
Tony Lucent

" I got the results I was looking for and I kept myself excited about working out everyday. That’s an important point. I can recall several times in the past that when rolling out of bed for a particular routine, I just didn’t have that “let’s get after it” feeling like I had each and every day with Body Beast. I am sure vanity and the post-workout rush and pump offered by this program had a little something to do with it." I am right here with you on this one Chris. Body Beast was the first program that I actually wanted to never skip a workout. Everyday I would get up and think about my workout that day with a smile. I can tell that I am have more natural euphoria after a weightlifting session like those of the Beast. I am now doing a hybrid Body Beast schedule with more cardio just so I can loose some body fat but I plan to do Beast at least 2 times a year.


Thanks Rob! I was going to mention that folks doing this program, guys more so, may be susceptible to injury. However, this would likely be more due to ego and ignorance than anything else. Sorry to hear about your injury, I hope it wasn't too serious. Look me up on MFP; I'll definitely be starting something in January, let me know if you want details.


Thanks Tony - You know I was a bit skeptical of this program when it was first announced, but now I am a believer and glad that I decided to give it a try. Twice a year sounds like a good plan, depending on progress towards my goals and what other programs are available that might be something I try as well.