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Coach Resources

Getting Started:

Getting off to a great start is really important! You may be feeling anxious, unsure of yourself, overwhelmed or all of the above. Take a deep breath and relax! You don’t have to know everything on Day 1, but you will want to familiarize yourself with the basics.

Get Started Right!

Personal Development:

I’m often asked, “what is a good book to read for this situation….” and I LOVE that question!  Not because I have the answers but because it shows me that as a coach, as a growing entrepreneur, you are completely INVESTED in your own personal development which is critical to your success!  You must take time to develop you FIRST before you can ever attempt to help someone else out there.  Personal development is invaluable and we’ve compiled a list of recommended readings to help you get started!

Recommended Personal Development

Training Videos:

Watch these informative videos to better help you understand the business side of being a TeamBeachbody Coach.

Learn the Business!

Events/Nation Wake-up Call:

Ready to build a monster wave of momentum for your business? Then put Super Saturday on your must-do list. For many Coaches, these essential, quarterly events are the turning point where it all comes together. The “a-ha” moment when everything suddenly starts to click.
Find a local Super Saturday event
There’s just no better way to kick off your week. This call will supercharge your battery—as you’ll hear stories, tips, and breakthrough discoveries from your fellow Coaches.
Listen to National Wake-up Calls


You’ve got QUESTIONS, the Coach FAQ has ANSWERS. Being resourceful is so valuable to you and your growing business. Instead of having your upline coach on speed dial to answer all your questions, use the tools that are provided to you to help you succeed. The Coach FAQ is literally a knowledge management system (database) FULL of answers to frequently asked questions. This is your one stop shop to getting your questions answered as quickly as possible!

Common Coaching Questions