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First of all welcome to the team!

I’m Chris Coburn, the founder of the Your Fitness Path team. I’d like to personally congratulate you on taking the next steps to improving both your physical and financial well-being by becoming a Beachbody Coach. As you probably already saw on the home page, we are a team of hard workers, integrity, and complete passion for what we do. This business is about helping others and making a difference in people’s lives, and if you maintain that mentality as you progress through your coaching career, along with maintaining your integrity and work hard every single day, you will find success.


Getting Started

As a new Team Beachbody Coach, the first week is crucial. Learn how to navigate your online business, set your goals, and start creating your list of potential customers.

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You're a Coach! It's time to learn the fundamentals that will strengthen your foundation and get you started strong.

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Congratulations on reaching Emerald rank. Learn to refine the skills you developed as a new Coach and be introduced to valuable leadership skills to train and support others.

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Diamond/1 Star Diamond

Welcome Diamond Coach! This is arguably one of the most critical ranks and we want to ensure you're able to maximize your success at this level with additional training to develop and support your Team.

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2-4 Star Diamond

You're a 2-4 Star Diamond Coach and are building a solid organization. Here you'll learn how to optimize activity to get the most out of your business.

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5-15 Star Diamond

Congratulations on your rank achievement! It is important to continue the momentum and master the skills necessary to achieve long-lasting success.

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Training Library

The training library is a collection of all training materials.

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Leadership Ladder

The Leadership Ladder identifies an additional set of benchmarks around each rank that will help Coaches focus on stretch goals that are bigger than rank.

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