P90X3 – CVX – Review
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P90X3 – CVX – Review

P90X3 – CVX – Review

Do you get bored with traditional cardio?  How about trying some cardio with weights?  That’s what CVX is all about, resistance cardio!  This is a full 30-minute workout with no-warm-up, you jump right into the routine.  Go light with the weight if this is your first time through this workout, you will quickly see why I suggest that.

This is an interval workout, 3 exercises – 1 minute each – then repeat! Check out my P90X3 CVX Review, a workout from the P90X3 fitness program.

P90X3 - CVX

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I just wanted to say that I appreciate your reviews of the P90X3 workouts. As someone who has been waiting to see the consensus before I buy it it has been really helpful.

coachchris moderator

@amlucent - You bet man! I'll be posting additional reviews as I go through the program - stay tuned...