How to Make More Time for You!

How to Make More Time for You

The world we live in is full of hustle and bustle. We’re always buzzing from jobs to other responsibilities, and because of that, it can seem nearly impossible to make time for you. But it can be done. Here are our tips to increase the amount of self-care time you have during the day. Use […]

Sleep better, Live better

Sleep Better, Live Better

Getting enough quality sleep is an important part of good health, along with exercise, eating well, stress management and staying up to date with your current health status and preventive screenings. Perhaps you haven’t given much thought to how sleep affects your health. Maybe you’ve even been cutting back on sleep in order to accomplish […]

Increase Your Running Motivation

5 Ways to Increase Your Running Motivation

Finding My Own Running Motivation Admittedly, my level of running motivation before this summer was next to nothing. I’d avoid running as a form of exercise as much as possible. However, this weekend, I will be taking on a pretty big challenge. 3 obstacle course races in a single weekend; each race a different length […]