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P90X3 Elite Workouts

P90X3 Elite WorkoutsThese jaw-dropping extreme workouts are designed to enhance your speed, power, and performance—taking the way your body looks and feels to an elite level.

You’ll get three ELITE Workouts:

  • Complex Upper. A 30-minute workout that features alternating weighted resistance followed by explosive movements to help you achieve absolute upper-body strength and power.
  • Complex Lower. Designed around the science of Post-Activation Potentiation, these complex training moves help make your lower body leaner, stronger, faster—all in 30 minutes.
  • X3 Ab Ripper. This intense trunk burner is for those times when you absolutely, positively need to take your core strength to the next level—and carve your most ripped six-pack ever.

Plus, a FREE Gift:

  • Elite Block Workout Calendar. An easy-to-follow training schedule specially designed to help you get elite results.

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