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Personalized Online Coaching

With Certified Nutrition Coach, Chris Coburn

On Monday, December 10th, I am re-opening registration for the Nutrition Coaching program!

You see, twice a year I work with small groups of men and women personally. Over the course of 12 months together, we help them get in the best shape of their lives and stay that way for good.

Why is this the best nutritional coaching program for you?

  • You will discover what specific nutrition plan is best for you and why some diets in the past have actually failed from the beginning.
  • This serves everyone and anyone no matter if they want to lose fat mass, gain lean mass, perform better in athletics or look better naked!
  • These are proven strategies that have helped people lose more weight than every season of the biggest loser combined and perform better in the top forums worldwide from the Olympics to professional sports.
  • It is not a fad diet…. It is not a one-size fit all… THIS IS A LIFESTYLE!

How Does This Work?

It starts with you. You are ready and willing to commit to living a happier and healthier life. You are open to new suggestions and feedback and ready to learn. Sound good?

Then fill out the contact form below and we'll schedule a time to chat. The initial phone call is complimentary and a stepping stone to working together. During this call we'll discuss your current status and health history, diet and nutrition habits, and review the program details and different options on how we can work together.

The Process

1. Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

Regular physical activity is fun and healthy, and more people are starting to become more active every day. Being more active is very safe for most people. However, some people should check with their doctor before they start becoming much more physically active.

2. Initial Assessment

Helps me match your coaching plan to what you can actually understand, manage, and do. Also helps me to give you an objective assessment of what and how you're doing, helps me identify those who are at risk for illness and / or injury, and helps me determine if I need to refer you to a specialist.

3. Medical History & Present Medical Condition

Provides more detailed information about the your overall health.

4. Initial Body Composition Assessment

An initial 7-site body fat analysis using skin fold as well as an 8-site progress measurement. Taking these initial measurements will allow both you and I to ensure progress is being made.

5. Kitchen Assessment & Makeover

If a food is in your house or possession, either you, someone you love, or someone you marginally tolerate, will eventually eat it.

Keep healthy stuff near you and convenient. Make your routines and environment support your coaching journey. Keep unhealthy stuff away from you and inconvenient. Make it hard for unhealthy stuff to get to you. If it doesn’t help you reach your goals, you don’t need it near you. A good kitchen set-up makes things easy.

6. Set Goals & Expectations

What are your goals? What you should expect from me as your nutrition coach? What should I expect from you as a client?

7. Create Your Plan

Establishing a proper nutrition plan that is based on your goals and your needs.

8. Follow-ups

Weekly follow-up sessions to ensure all of your questions have been answered and if necessary make adjustments to your goals or your nutrition plan.

Men's Coaching

Personal workout and nutrition coaching for busy guys who want to stay consistent and build a better body.

Women's Coaching

Personal diet and exercise coaching for women who want to look and feel healthy, happy, and strong.

Online Nutrition Coaching Costs

Self Coached Approach

Perhaps you want to give it a go yourself. That's totally an option as well! With Precision Nutrition System 4.0 Self-Guided Materials, you'll be armed with the best.

  • Make changes to your body by learning what "good nutrition" really means for you.
  • Discover the only information you need to lose fat, gain muscle, and improve your health.
  • Backed by science and research with real people; not by fads.
  • Get the complete system shipped directly to you.

What's Included?

  • Success Guide
  • Diet Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Super Shake Guide
  • 5-Minute Meal Guide
  • Plant-Based Guide
  • Plant-Based Meal Guide
  • Individualization Guide
  • Measurement Guide
  • Maintenance Guide
  • Support Guide

Dedicated Coaching

Working with a nutrition coach is great for two key reasons: outside accountability, and experienced guidance. Sometimes you just hit points in your journey where you are just stuck, whether it’s from a lack of motivation or some other factor that is holding you back. Having and outside set of eyes to look at the situation can help you stay objective and on track when the going gets tough.

I believe that nutrition, and training, should be individualized for best results. None of us are exactly the same, let’s act like it! First step in the whole process is a detailed assessment where I work with you step-by-step to create the diet that is most effective for you.

Throughout the process you will find that our nutrition coaching focuses on three main concepts: outcome goals, limiting factors and behavioral goals.

What Does It Look Like?

The setup for nutritional coaching is very simple: we meet twice a month, completely separate from any other training session so we can focus 100% on nutrition.

You receive all of the Precision Nutrition materials included in the self-guided package. They are a truly invaluable resource and become all the more powerful when paired with dedicated coaching.

Your first 1-2 visits consist of assessment and goal-setting. From there I will educate, advise and generally be there to hold you accountable throughout the whole journey.

I love doing these sessions in person but are also happy to do them via phone or video chat.


Initial Consultation - $40
PN Gourmet Cookbook - $40
1-on-1 Grocery Shopping - $99
1-on-1 Kitchen Makeover - $99
1-on-1 Grocery & Kitchen Bundle - $149
Unlimited email support


$97 | mo.
Initial nutritional analysis and on-going coaching
All material included with "Self Coached" package.
3 Month Commitment
Unlimited email support
90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Self Coached

$57 | one time
Self-guided nutrition program through 11 exclusive modules
Learning what "good nutrition" really means for you.
No Monthly Commitment
Unlimited email support
45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Considering Nutrition Coaching?

Join the presale list; you’ll be able to get started for just $1/day and secure your spot 24 hrs early.

If you’re interested in coaching and want to find out more, I’d encourage you to join our presale list below. Being on the list gives you two special advantages.

  • You’ll pay less than everyone else. I like to reward the most interested and motivated people because they always make the best clients. Join the presale list and I’ll give you the first month of Nutrition Coaching for just $1/day, which is the lowest price I’ve ever offered.
  • You’re more likely to get a spot. To give clients the personal care and attention they deserve, I only open up the program twice a year. By joining the presale list you’ll get the opportunity to register 24 hours before everyone else, increasing your chances of getting in.


Addressing your nutrition, whether you are just trying lose weight, gain muscle or perform at your limits, is absolutely critical. I believe that the Precision Nutrition coaching system is the best in the business and that is why I use their system with all of my clients.

Take a look at some of the amazing success their system has generated:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is this program for?

Anyone who is ready to improve their health and fitness with the guidance and accountability of a dedicated coach. This program is foundational in creating life-long, healthy habits in men and women that want to look better, feel better, and perform better!

Q. How is this program different?

Most fitness programs don’t provide you with the 3 key ingredients that guarantee success:

  • Mentor: Someone to learn from and mimic.
  • Support: Trustworthy people you can send questions to and talk to when you need help.
  • Accountability: Methods for teaching you how to hold yourself accountable.

My Nutrition Coaching includes all 3. I’ll be your mentor, you’ll have 24/7 support from myself and others participating in the course, and you’ll be held accountable with the my unique accountability tracking system.

Q. Is this another calorie counting diet plan?

No, not at all. We will teach you how to choose the right foods and portion sizes for your individual needs. A 'diet' is often short-term and ineffective for long-term health. You will learn how to make better nutritional decisions to live a long and healthier life.

Q. I already have a basic knowledge of the right foods, but want to learn specifically about workout nutrition - can you help?

Yes! We can get specific on macro breakdowns and review options for pre and post workouts specific to your body and level of activity. This can be included in the 3-month program at no additional cost, or as a one-time consultation for $79.

Q. How Much Does It Cost?

The general public price of the coaching program is $129 USD per month for 12 months. But if you join the presale list today, you’ll have the opportunity to get it for only $97 USD per month — a 25% savings.

You’ll get the best personal nutrition coaching — with daily practices, lessons, and workouts — for about $3 a day. You’ll finally get the body you want, and you’ll have the skills, tools, and habits to make your results last a lifetime.

Q. Will I get results?

Yes, you will get results and if you’re not happy with the process you can always contact me for a full refund.

But if you practice the habits and take advantage of the 24/7 support and communication - I will guarantee you results.

Q. Does this program include workouts?

No, the program does not include workouts. However, many clients choose to add on the monthly workout program during check out. You can check it out here!

Q. Will this program help me lose weight?

Yes! This program will teach you what nutrients your body needs to burn body fat, while optimizing your health. No, you won't have to only eat lettuce! Additionally, the coaching curriculum includes methodologies that are used for long-term weight management so that you keep the weight off forever.

Q. What if I have a problem or question outside of meeting times?

You have unlimited access to email or text me with any questions or concerns while enrolled in the program. I will respond to your message the same day.