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Why Shorter Workouts Work

 Change Your Old Way of Thinking Want to get ripped—and much less likely to quit? Spend less time working out. Yes, you heard that right! Fitness legends Tony Horton and Shaun T are here to explain why shorter workouts are changing the game and why P90X3 and FOCUS T25 are the perfect programs for short-term gains and […]

P90X3 - Dynamix

P90X3 – Dynamix – Review

P90X3 – Dynamix – Review This is your recovery workout! As tempting as it might be, don’t skip this one – you’ll feel so much better afterwards. This isn’t just a stretching routine, but a more active stretch routine that incorporates flexibility and strength. If you have done P90X2, you should be familiar with the […]

P90X3 - CVX

P90X3 – CVX – Review

P90X3 – CVX – Review Do you get bored with traditional cardio?  How about trying some cardio with weights?  That’s what CVX is all about, resistance cardio!  This is a full 30-minute workout with no-warm-up, you jump right into the routine.  Go light with the weight if this is your first time through this workout, […]

P90X3 - Incinerator

P90X3 – Incinerator – Review

P90X3 – Incinerator – Review Today’s P90X3 workout was Incinerator – an upper body workout with both dumbbell and body weight resistance training.  A great workout in 30 minutes!  Have you done this routine?  If so, comment below with your thoughts.   Ready to give P90X3 a try yourself? Start with just the program or […]


P90X3 Calendar

P90X3 Workout Schedules Now Available! With the release of P90X3 this week, everyone was wondering what the actual schedule of the workouts would look like.  We finally get a peek at those now.  There are 4 schedules that are provided and all of them can be done with just the Base Kit of P90X3. Classic […]

P90X3 - Accelerated Fitness

Quick Facts About P90X3

P90X3 launches on December 10th! Less than a week away, but here are some quick facts about the upcoming P90X3 fitness program that you ought to know NOW! A Challenge Group just for P90x3 will commence in either late December or early January.  The group will have several people and we’ll be pushing each other […]


Coach Chris Check-In

Hey Team! December 2013 – the last month of the year and this year has really gone by fast!  Did everyone enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday? Did you perhaps overindulge a little?  If so, forget about it and get back to being consistent this month.  There are nearly 5 weeks still left in 2013 – take […]

P90X3 Latest Info

Tony Horton Interview on P90X3

Exclusive interview with Tony Horton on P90X3 Additional details and more footage of the upcoming P90X3 fitness program were released this week.  Here is an interview that Tony Horton gave recently to discuss how P90X3 will be different than the previous P90X programs. As you can see from this interview, P90X3 will be a great […]