Fall Fruits and Vegetables

5 Foods to Stock Up on this Fall

Fall is Upon Us Fall officially started on 9/22 this year.  Here is in the Midwest, the temps have cooled, the grass and greened back up and some of the trees are starting to turn and most importantly…it’s football season! Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons of the year. If you are fortunate […]

Ultimate Reset - Roasted Root Medley

Roasted Root Medley

Here is another recipe from the Ultimate Reset, which I went through last year.  Almost every recipe that I had during that 3 week period was totally new and I will be honest, I wasn’t sure how I would like the beets in this one.  While they still have a bit of an “earthy” taste, […]

P90X2 Chicken Bruschetta

P90X2 Chicken Bruschetta

The Nutrition Guide that accompanies the P90X2 fitness programs is one of my favorites due to all of the awesome recipes that are contained within.  Several of the recipes that I tried while going through P90X2 I still use to this day because they are so good and simple to prepare.  While this recipe may […]

Egg White Muffins

Egg White Muffins

Egg White Muffins This recipe was introduced to me by a good friend and I gotta say, they are pretty awesome!  This a great recipe to prepare on a Sunday and then use the dish as an “on-the-go” breakfast or snack!  Since we are only using egg whites and minimal amounts of other ingredients they […]

Black Beans and Rice

Ultimate Reset – Black Beans and Rice

Black Beans and Rice Here is a great dinner idea, which was one of my favorite recipes from the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. A 21-day program I went through last summer and really enjoyed. Check out my journey here: http://www.yourfitnesspath.com/beachbody-ultimate-reset-final-review Ingredients ¾ cup cooked brown rice ½ cup canned low-sodium black beans ¼ tsp. extra-virgin olive oil ⅛ […]