P90X3 Latest Info

Tony Horton Interview on P90X3

Exclusive interview with Tony Horton on P90X3 Additional details and more footage of the upcoming P90X3 fitness program were released this week.  Here is an interview that Tony Horton gave recently to discuss how P90X3 will be different than the previous P90X programs. As you can see from this interview, P90X3 will be a great […]

P90X3 - Available Soon

P90X3 – Sneak Peek – New Details

P90X3 is Coming! The announcement of P90X3 was made a little over a month ago, but we weren’t given any specific details about the program other than the man himself, Tony Horton, would be the trainer.  Who did we  expect…right? This week however, new and exciting details about the program were released along with a […]

Carl J - Wins $500 With P90X!

Carl J. – Wins $500 With P90X!

Help me congratulate Carl, today’s $500 winner in the Beachbody Challenge. He fought back against his family history of heart disease and won! thx to a little help from P90X, Shakeology, and his Challenge Group. “I went from 245 pounds to my current weight of 165. That’s nearly 100 pounds gone—from my living room. It’s truly mind-blowing. My […]


Coach Chris Check-In!

Hey Team! Final week of Body Beast, round #2! Happy and kind of sad as well…  Ready to move on to some new routines and new challenges, but also have nothing but good things to say about the Body Beast program!  I plan to offer up my final measurements next week, they will serve as […]

Equipment Needed For P90X

Equipment Needed For P90X

Equipment Needed For P90X? Ready to buy P90X, but not sure what equipment you will need in order to get results?  The great thing about the P90X program is that you can do it with pretty minimal equipment.  You certainly don’t need big expensive machines that are often found at  your local gym.  Much of […]


P90X+ Now Included With P90X Challenge Pack

P90X Challenge Pack Now Even Better Just recently, Beachbody made a pretty awesome change to the P90X Challenge Pack! The P90X+ program is now included with all P90X Challenge Packs.  This includes 5 new Tony Horton workouts on 4 DVDs.  If you love the P90X program like I do, this is a great addition to […]