How to Read a Nutrition Label

Have you ever look at the labels on the food you buy?  Do you know how to read a nutrition label? In today’s hurried, harried world of food shopping, many people take the claims on the fronts of food packages -“healthy,” “low carb” or “low fat” – as the final word on nutrition. But by […]


Tips for Dieters: Surviving Summer Parties

Warmer weather means smaller clothes. Swimsuits, shorts and tank tops can be your worst enemies if you haven’t been getting regular exercise for a while. So now is the time, with days being longer and temperatures milder, to start working out in earnest. However, summer also means parties, socializing with friends and family, and food. […]


Losing Weight Accidentally

If you stop and think about how many people you know who have gained weight in the past year, or the past 5 years you can probably name quite a few people. You might even be one of them. Now think of all the people you know who have lost weight over the past year, […]


Two Minor Changes to Shakeology Recipe

Your favorite Shakeology Recipe will never be the same! Just kidding, actually… I recently alluded to the fact that Beachbody announced that changed to the Chocolate and Greenberry flavors of Shakeology and I wanted to give everyone a bit more information here than I had given at that time. Don’t worry, these changes won’t affect […]


Plan For Success – Meal Preparation

Here’s the key to remember and what I think most people who struggle getting and staying on board don’t realize: It may seem easier to just “eat whatever” instead of planning and prepping your meals and sticking to an exercise program. But, that is just an illusion. When you eat at odd hours, skip meals, […]


Over 50 Foods for a Lean Body

In most of my posts regarding nutrition, I like to provide a healthy snack or meal recipe that not only is delicious, but also helps to get you closer to that hard-body appearance that everyone is looking for. In this article, I’d like to give you healthy food ideas in a different way. This time, […]


Dining Out 101

Do you consistently starve yourself until you get to the restaurant, and then order everything on the menu to fill the hunger gap? I, personally, don’t go out to eat that often.  It is usually only when there is a special occasion to celebrate or if we are out and about running some errands and it is […]