ON Platinum PRE Pre-workout Review

ON Platinum PRE Pre-workout Review

My initial ON Platinum PRE Pre-workout Review

Optimum Nutrition is now in the Pre-Workout business.  As many of you know, I am a pretty big fan of the ON line of products and have been using them for quite some time now.  So I was excited to give their new pre-workout formula a try and see how it would work with my Body Beast routines.

Of course, I have used pre-workout supplements in the past.  Previously, I had been using the ON AmiN.O. Energy supplement as a pre-workout and while they don’t market this specifically as a pre-workout product, I found that it met my needs pretty well.  I also have used the Beachbody E+E pre-workout supplement and I still really liked that one, but I wanted to give some other products a try and see what kind of differences I would notice with each.

Like many of my non-Beachbody products, I purchased from Amazon, can’t beat FREE shipping and generally lower cost.  You can get yours from Amazon as well using this link (About $31 at the time of this review): http://amzn.to/VI0aaa

Key ingredients of ON Platinum PRE Pre-Workout

I’ve included an image below of the Supplement Facts label found on the back of the ON Platinum PRE Pre-workout tub.  I will specifically refer to the 1 scoop serving size when discussing all of my thoughts.

The formula that ON has used here is pretty basic and common among many pre-workout supplements.

  • They have included some Vitamin C (100 mg) and a couple of electrolytes (Sodium chloride – 60 mg and Potassium chloride – 70 mg).
  • To assist with muscle pump and blood flow, you’ve got L-Citrulline; 2 grams worth.
  • For anti-fatigue they have added Carno-Syn Beta-Alanine; 1.6 grams.
  • A phyto-nutrient blend – not generally common in a pre-workout and makes ON PRE Pre-Workout unique.
  • Caffeine – 200 mg of this stuff, which is approximately equal to 2 cups of strong black coffee.
  • Capsimax – 125 mg – basically an extract that is a bit like pepper and I noticed this one…

platinum-pre-nutrition info

How did ON Platinum PRE Pre-Workout Taste?

This supplement is available in 3 different flavors; Fruit Punch, Raspberry Lemonade and Super Fruit.  I opted for the Fruit Punch flavor since I was already using the same basic flavor of the ON AmiN.O. Energy product.  I planned to stack these two supplements and figured that the consistent flavor would be better on the tastebuds.

The scoop of powder is mixed with 6-8 oz of cold water, which it pretty typical.  The flavor of the Fruit Punch was quite good.  It wasn’t overly sweet or bitter.  The one thing I will mention is the distinct “pepper” taste if not mixed throughly.  I had a little bit of the powder settle at the bottom of my glass and just chugged it, but felt an immediate rush of hotness in my mouth once I did.  I wasn’t aware at the time that this was due to the Capsimax ingredient and doesn’t cause a problem when you don’t allow the powder to settle.  I think that I was a little to eager to give it a try and didn’t mix up the ON Platinum PRE Pre-workout well enough before I starting drinking it.

Affects of ON Platinum PRE Pre-Workout

Like most other pre-workout supplements, this is taken about 20 minutes before you plan to start your workout.  However, I started feeling the affects within about 10 minutes, this is a good sign!  The Beta-Alanine is generally responsible for the most noticeable affect of many pre-workout supplements; the tingling in the extremities.  I think that this affects everyone a bit differently, but for me it is most noticeable in my face.  Cheeks feel flush, nose tingles and ears are itchy.  So, if you have never had a pre-workout supplement before and start to experience these feelings, don’t panic, you aren’t necessarily having an allergic reaction, it just how that ingredient typically works for most people.

So, how did the new ON Platinum PRE Pre-workout supplement affect my workout?

The affect of a particular supplement, more specifically a new one that I have never tried, is always a bit difficult to measure.  As with any supplement, pre-workout or otherwise, there is certainly a mental aspect to how it would affect your workout.  Of course, you want the supplement to do what it has promised and allow you to reach new levels of achievement.  Sometimes this works out and unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t…

However, I would say that after a week of using this supplement, I am feel like it has allowed me to gain more focus during my workouts and the extra energy afforded has been noticed, especially towards the end of a heavy/extreme routine.  I will continue to use this supplement over the next 30 days and see if my body starts to adjust to it and the effectiveness decreases.  This can be the case with some pre-workout supplements and by simply rotating which product your are using, you can get around this.


At  about $1 per serving, it is pretty much on par with cost that you will find with many other pre-workout supplements available.  It may not have the wide variety of flavors that you would find in other pre-workout supplements, but perhaps ON will come out with other flavors as they are requested and feedback with this product is provided.  I would have to say that this product is in line with the other products that are offered by ON so the quality is there.  How it might affect you and your workout is just something that you would have to experience yourself to know for certain.  I think that if you are nearing the bottom of your current pre-workout supplement and would like to give something new a try, you should definitely give ON Platinum PRE Pre-Workout a try.