Coach Chris Check-In!

Hey Team! The month of May is flying by….errrr…should I say racing by.  Indy car reference, sorry, terrible humor…  May is already half over and Memorial Day weekend will be here in less than two weeks!  How many of you had this date on your calendars where it was related to a health and fitness […]


Challenge Groups

Back in January I started my first Challenge Group and most of the members of the group are just about or have recently completed their 90 day programs.  Programs like P90X, P90X2, TurboJam and Ten Minute Trainer to name a few.  In my opinion the group had tremendous success and all of the members who […]


Coach Chris Check In!

Hey Team! Nearing the end of a much needed recovery week for me!  Then it will be the final push of P90X2 with the Performance Phase of the program, looking forward to the new routines.  Recovery periods are important, so that your body has a chance to rejuvenate and get ready for another phase of […]


Skip the Excuses

What’s your excuse for not exercising during the holidays this season? Fitness professionals and coaches like me have heard them all.  Luckily we have answers for every excuse you can come up with. I’m just too busy with holiday plans and shopping to fit in exercising. A workout doesn’t always mean going to the gym for […]