Shawn S Won $1000 with Shakeology

Shawn S. Won $1000 with Shakeology

Shakeology + a variety of Beachbody programs helped this middle school teacher shed 51 lbs, and his cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglyceride levels DRAMATICALLY improved (triglycerides dropped 595 pts!!), which helped him avoid the pancreatic disease that took his mother. He entered his results in the Beachbody Challenge & won a $1,000 Ultimate Health Transformation prize. What a story! “Aside […]


Losing Weight Accidentally

If you stop and think about how many people you know who have gained weight in the past year, or the past 5 years you can probably name quite a few people. You might even be one of them. Now think of all the people you know who have lost weight over the past year, […]


Shakeology Nutritional Facts

Have you heard of Shakeology?  Do you know the “Shakeology Nutritional Facts“?  The article will hopefully fill you in on all of the great things that are in Shakeology and how those nutrients can benefit you. What is Shakeology? Shakeology is a nutritional protein shake that provides a wide spectrum of healthy nutrients in a low-calorie […]


Plan For Success – Meal Preparation

Here’s the key to remember and what I think most people who struggle getting and staying on board don’t realize: It may seem easier to just “eat whatever” instead of planning and prepping your meals and sticking to an exercise program. But, that is just an illusion. When you eat at odd hours, skip meals, […]


Over 50 Foods for a Lean Body

In most of my posts regarding nutrition, I like to provide a healthy snack or meal recipe that not only is delicious, but also helps to get you closer to that hard-body appearance that everyone is looking for. In this article, I’d like to give you healthy food ideas in a different way. This time, […]


Tips to Smarter Snacking

Are you a between-meal eater? Many of us are but are eating the wrong things…  The fact is that should be eating between meals.  If you only eating 3 meals a day; you aren’t keeping your metabolism going at its optimal rate.  However, that doesn’t mean you have to visit the vending machine all day. There are […]


Dining Out 101

Do you consistently starve yourself until you get to the restaurant, and then order everything on the menu to fill the hunger gap? I, personally, don’t go out to eat that often.  It is usually only when there is a special occasion to celebrate or if we are out and about running some errands and it is […]


Skip the Excuses

What’s your excuse for not exercising during the holidays this season? Fitness professionals and coaches like me have heard them all.  Luckily we have answers for every excuse you can come up with. I’m just too busy with holiday plans and shopping to fit in exercising. A workout doesn’t always mean going to the gym for […]