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Hi I'm Chris Coburn!

Back in 2009, I started on a journey...

Chris Coburn Transformation

I am still on that journey and I'd love to have you join me!

If you need to find someone that will hold you accountable, answer your questions, help you, and PUSH YOU for the entire duration of your workout! Luckily for you, that’s what me and my team are here for. If you don’t have a coach yet and want one, I’d love to be your coach and help you through a fitness program.  I am available to help you reach your goals!

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Spring Into Health

Spring into Health

With the change of season comes the impulse to clean and replace the old with the new. But spring doesn’t just have to be about cleaning and reorganizing – it’s also a great way to start healthy new habits and break the old. Back in January, Beachbody announced the arrival of the Annual All-Access Beachbody […]

Are You Motivated

Get Motivated – A Self-Assessment

Would you like to lose weight? Eat healthier meals? Exercise more regularly? Quit using tobacco? Are you motivated to make these important changes? After completing the self-assessment quiz on motivation in the printable PDF below, you’ll understand what strengths you already have—and what skills you may need to develop—to make any health improvement you choose. […]


Motivation Monday!

Hey everyone, it’s Monday – time for a little bit of motivation! The official start of summer is a little more than 100 days away and for me that means it’s time to start shedding a little bit of this winter fluff I’ve got going on… I’ll be enjoying Orange Beach along the shores of the […]